Properties Generator v1.1

Future Releases

It is anticipated that future releases of the NATSPEC BIM Properties Generator will expand on the content currently included in this first release.

Future releases may consider the following items:

- All properties to include a description of the property and the suggested units/format, together with the required data type and examples of correctly completed values.

- Provide additional Source selections of 'OBOS mandatory' and 'OBOS optional' to quickly identify the properties required for compliance with the Open BIM object standard (OBOS).

- Provide further objects, to expand on those currently included, providing more granularity of generic object types, such as various cladding types, roofing types, door types, etc. and also looking at material variations of generic structural objects such as concrete columns, steel columns, etc.

- Further development of the properties assigned to the source of NATSPEC Spec.

- Properties from additional sources.

- Alignment of non-IFC properties with the properties included in the buildingSMART Data Dictionary.

- Provide additional exports such as XML or Revit Shared Parameters.

- Ability to export properties for multiple objects in one export.

- Provide GUIDS for properties.


NATSPEC welcomes any further suggestions of items that could be considered for inclusion in future releases of the Properties Generator. Please provide any suggestions using the feedback route discussed in the 'Feedback' tab above.